Annual Report cover 2007
Annual Report of the Executive Board

Making the global economy work for all

October 2007


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File 1
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Message from the Managing Director
Letter of Transmittal to the Board of Governors
File 2
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1. Overview
Key economic and financial developments
Highlights of the work of the Executive Board
Strengthening and modernizing surveillance
Program support
Capacity building
Quota and voice reform
Communication and transparency
Improving internal governance
Reviewing the finances of the Fund
File 3
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2. Promoting financial and macroeconomic stability and growth through surveillance
Implementing surveillance
Global surveillance
Country surveillance
Regional surveillance and outreach
Financial sector surveillance and the Standards and Codes Initiative
Modernizing the surveillance framework and integrating financial sector analysis
Integrating financial sector and capital markets analysis into surveillance
File 4
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3. Program support
Emerging market economies
New financing instrument
Low-income countries
Concessional lending
Debt relief
Debt Sustainability Framework
Policy Support Instrument
Emergency assistance
Review of the IMF’s role and instruments
IMF and aid to sub-Saharan Africa
Ex post assessments
Precautionary arrangements
File 5
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4. Capacity building: technical assistance and training
Technical assistance
Training by the IMF Institute
File 6
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5. Governance, organization, and finances
Quota and voice reform
Communication and transparency
Transparency policy
Management and organization
How the IMF is run
Administrative and capital budgets
Modernizing the risk-management framework
Financial operations and policies
Income, charges, remuneration, and burden sharing
Arrears to the IMF
IMF audit mechanisms
File 7
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I International reserves
II Financial operations and transactions
III Press communiqués of the IMFC and the Development Committee
IV Executive Directors and voting power
V Changes in membership of the Executive Board
File 8
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VI Financial statements, April 30, 2007
File 9
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Acronyms and abbreviations