Guidance Note for the Fund's Policy on Multiple Currency Practices

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December 20, 2023

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This note provides operational guidance to staff on the implementation of the new Fund’s policy on multiple currency practices (MCPs), effective February 1, 2024. The MCP policy is a key element of the Fund’s jurisdiction on exchange rates. The Fund’s Articles of Agreement prohibit member countries from engaging or permitting their fiscal agencies (as defined in the Articles) to engage in MCPs unless authorized under the Articles or approved by the Fund. The comprehensive review of the policy in 2022 aimed to reflect developments in FX policy and FX markets since the last policy review in the 1980s and to align it with other relevant Fund’s policies. Key changes to the policy include the following: (i) an MCP will arise due to an official action that segments foreign exchange (FX) markets or increases or subsidizes the cost of certain FX transactions (e.g., exchange taxes) and the resulting exchange rate spreads exceed the permissible margins, (ii) MCPs will be identified on the basis of a new country-specific market-based rule, and (iii) the new policy ensures better alignment of the MCP policy with other relevant IMF’s policies. The note provides guidance to staff on all stages of the process: from identification of an MCP to its approval or removal and clarifies the treatment of MCPs in surveillance and Fund-supported programs. It also guides staff’s engagement with the authorities on MCP issues and their coverage in country documents.


Policy Paper No. 2023/058





Publication Date:

December 20, 2023



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