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Title: Officially Supported Export Credits : Developments and Prospects

Author: Jarvis, J. Christopher ; Balázs Horváth ; Kuhn, G. Michael

Series: World Economic and Financial Surveys

Date: December 1, 1995

Notes: 1986. By Eduard Brau, K. Burke Dillon, Chanpen Puckahtikom, and Miranda Xafa (under the title Export Credits: Developments and Prospects). 34 pp. ISBN 0-939934-69-8. Stock #WEO-586. 1988. By K. Burke Dillon and Luis Duran-Downing, with Miranda Xafa. vi+47 pp. ISBN 1-55775-006-8. Stock #WEO-588. 1990. By G. G. Johnson, Matthew Fisher, and Elliot Harris. vi+43 pp. ISBN 1-55775-139-0. Stock #WEO-590. 1995. By Michael G. Kuhn, Balazs Horvath, and Christopher J. Jarvis. vii+47 pp. ISBN 1-55775-480-2.

Subject: Export credits