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Interest Rates Likely to Return Toward Pre-Pandemic Levels When Inflation is Tamed
April 10, 2023

How close will depend on the persistence of public debt, on how climate policies are financed and on the extent of deglobalization

How Asia Can Ease Scarring from Lower Investment, Employment and Productivity
March 30, 2023

Asia should prioritize reforms that address the investment scarring from high corporate debt, mitigate education losses, and boost digitalization

How Pandemic Accelerated Digital Transformation in Advanced Economies
March 21, 2023

Digital technologies shielded labor and productivity from the pandemic, while lagging countries accelerated the adoption of technology. However, digitalization gaps persist.

In Major Economic Shocks, Best Response Combines All-Out, Large-Scale Policies
February 27, 2023

Bank lending grew faster in countries with policy packages combining large fiscal, monetary, and prudential measures.

Latin America Faces Slowing Growth and High Inflation Amid Social Tensions
February 1, 2023

Restoring macro stability and boosting growth will require carefully-crafted policies that will help mitigate discontent

Global Economic Uncertainty Remains Elevated, Weighing on Growth
January 26, 2023

From Brexit and US-China trade tensions to the pandemic and war, successive shocks have combined to keep uncertainty elevated


Podcast: Navigating a More Fragile World

With shock upon shock hitting the world economy in the last three years, IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva's customary opening speech to the Annual Meetings warned of a darker global outlook and emphasized the need for the world to come together to deal with the consequences.