Global Sovereign Debt Roundtable

Last Updated: March 31, 2023

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1. What is the GSDR?

The objective of the Global Sovereign Debt Roundtable is to build greater common understanding among key stakeholders involved in debt restructurings, and work together on the current shortcomings in debt restructuring processes, both within and outside the Common Framework, and ways to address them.

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2. What issues will it cover?

The focus of the Global Sovereign Debt Roundtable is on process and standards, not to discuss country cases. The GSDR will not replace existing restructuring mechanisms such as the Common Framework. Instead, it will support those mechanisms by fostering greater common understanding on concepts and principles, which will in turn facilitate individual restructurings. For example, the Roundtable could ease bottlenecks stemming from lack of clarity on how to set cut-off dates, how to assess and enforce comparability of treatment, sharing of information among debtors, creditor, and IFIs, among other issues.

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3. Who participates in the GSDR?

The roundtable is co-chaired by the IMF, World Bank and India (G20 Presidency) and comprises official bilateral creditors (both traditional creditors members of the Paris Club and new creditors), private creditors and borrowing countries.

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4. When does the GSDR meet?

The GSDR started its work in February 2023. The next meetings are scheduled in April 2023, in the context of the IMF-WB Spring meetings.