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The D4D Fund puts more and better data in the hands of decision-makers, thereby enhancing evidence-based macroeconomic policies and supporting the achievement of the SDGs in low- and lower middle-income countries.

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Producer, Export, and Import Price Index Statistics (PPIx) - Online Course

The producer price index (PPI) and the export and import price index (XMPI) are important complements to the consumer price index (CPI) in drawing a more complete picture of how inflation affects major parts of an economy, including businesses and institutions, in addition to households. These indexes are used to deflate production and expenditure values in the national accounts, adjust prices in long-term contracts, analyze short-term inflation trends, and perform terms of trade analysis..

The first course edition is open to government officials only; see online application: Producer, Export, and Import Price Index Statistics.

Financial Soundness Indicators (FSIx)  Online Course

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D4D Fund: Expenses by Region, FY19-23*

D4D Fund: Expenses by Region - FY19-23 

*excludes global programs that do not target specific countries such as the FAS and online learning.