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Virtual : Building Institutions to Fight Corruption In Africa

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Session No.: AT 23.20V

Location: Ebene, Mauritius

Date: March 13-20, 2023 (1 week)

Delivery Method: Virtual Training

Primary Language: English

Interpretation Language: French

    Target Audience

    Mid-to senior level qualified professionals with several years of experience of policy making and/or working on addressing vulnerabilities to corruption in the public financial management (PFM) cycle.

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    University Degree

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    Course Description

    The training presents a detailed road map to identify and address vulnerabilities to corruption in the PFM cycle (including systems and processes for revenue and expenditure management) as well as indicators and red flags to alert policy makers and oversight agencies of possible challenges and weaknesses, and the macro-fiscal implications

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    Course Objectives

    The course includes case studies from the SSA region and proposes potential reforms. In particular, it will promote an understanding of the legal instruments, mechanisms, and strategies that need to be in place to both prevent and prosecute corruption. Participants will learn about the need for strong rule of law and how it relates to corruption. Finally, the training provides insights on anti-money laundering mechanisms to support the detection, tracing, confiscation and return, where appropriate, of corruption proceeds, and discusses the mechanisms of international cooperation designed to fight corruption and illicit financial flows.

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