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Protecting Financial Sectors from Illicit Activity


Session No.: CT 20.04

Location: Shenzen, China

Date: April 20-24, 2020 (1 week)

Primary Language: English

Interpretation Language: Chinese

    Target Audience

    Foreign exchange business regulators of SAFE and the AML Unit of the People's Bank of China.
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    Attendance is by invitation only. Prerequisites are specified in invitation letters.
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    Course Objectives

    1. Latest anti-money laundering cases and the interpretation of them;2. Hot issues in the field of international anti-money laundering;3. The latest development of international anti-money laundering regulations;4. The legal basis, mechanism, main ways, contents and results of the international anti-money laundering cooperation;5. Introduction of the functions of the international anti-money laundering cooperative organization.6. Studies on Libra applying and the financial regulations of the blockchain technology. Through the training, we hope our participants can systematically learn the experiences of international anti-money laundering supervision, which can enhance their international vision and improve their abilities of financial supervision to international standards.
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