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Macroeconomic Statistics

Financial Soundness Indicators (FSI)

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Session No.: JV 24.44

Location: Vienna, Austria

Date: August 5-9, 2024 (1 week)

Delivery Method: Blended Training

Primary Language: English

Interpretation Language: Russian

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    Target Audience

    Officials at central banks and supervisory agencies for the financial sector who are involved in the collection, compilation, and analysis of financial soundness indicators (FSIs).

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    Participants are expected to have a degree in economics or statistics, or equivalent experience.

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    Course Description

    This course, presented by the Statistics Department, acquaints participants with the fundamentals of compiling and using FSIs in support of macroprudential analysis. The course covers methodological and technical issues in the construction of FSIs, as discussed in the 2019 Financial Soundness Indicators Compilation Guide (2019 FSI Guide). The course takes an interactive approach using hands-on exercises in discussing the main topics as follows: 

    • Preparation of the sectoral financial statements and compilation of FSIs for deposit takers; 
    • Regulatory framework for deposit takers; 
    • Accounting principles and data consolidation for the compilation of FSIs for deposit takers; and
    • Overview of key points and changes in the 2019 FSI Guide.

    Asynchronous Component — July 1–15, 2024

    This component will comprise five modules and will focus on the conceptual issues that will be performed by the participants after each synchronous part. The asynchronous component will be supplemented with assigned readings and references. These modules will be made available to the participants at least five days before the start of the synchronous classes.Participants will be required to take a pre-course quiz. Successful completion (i.e., a passing grade) will not be a pre-requisite for participating in the synchronous component. The results of the quiz will be only used by the instructors to determine the knowledge of the participants. 

    Synchronous Component — August 5–9, 2024

    The synchronous component will focus on the practical compilation of issues and topics that may require greater instructor input and feedback.  It will comprise lectures, question and answer sessions and practical workshop exercises. The lectures will be developed using existing lecture presentations and the scripts that were prepared for the online course. The lectures will be presented in 30 minutes to 45-minute slots. Each presentation will be followed by a brief exercise or question-answer session. Participants will be invited to present case studies of practical problems or proposed solutions to practical problems. These issues could be related to source data or compilation. Participants will also be invited to respond to some practice questions in discussion forums. This will be followed by a workshop where the responses to these questions will be discussed, along with the correct answers.

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    Course Objectives

      Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:

    • Prepare the sectoral financial statements and compile FSIs for deposit takers in accordance with the methodology of the 2019 FSI Guide.
    • Prepare or update FSI metadata using the concepts acquired on accounting principles and regulatory framework for deposit takers.
    • Interpret FSIs for macro-financial surveillance.
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