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Virtual : Better Budget Communication (BBC)


Session No.: SA 22.11V

Location: New Delhi, India

Date: January 10-14, 2022 (1 week)

Delivery Method: Virtual Training

Primary Language: English

    Target Audience

    Mid to senior level officials from Finance Ministries/Departments, Planning Commission and line ministries relevant experience in macro fiscal planning and forecasting, expenditure policy, budget formulation, cash and/or debt management.

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    Priority will be given to officials currently engaged with macro fiscal planning and forecasting, expenditure policy, budget formulation, cash and/or debt management functions.

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    Course Description

    Bhutan has continued to make progress in the quality of its budget reporting. However, there is significant room for improvement. This one-week workshop is designed to build on progress registered to date, strengthening the authorities' understanding of the documents as tools to promote effective policy, communication, transparency, and accountability. The course will combine theoretical and practical training, taking Bhutan's most recent budget document as the starting point.  It will also explore the concept of developing the narrative around a fiscal objective.

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    Course Objectives

    The overall objective is to strengthen the quality of the main budget document as a tool for effective macro fiscal policy making and communication. Upon completion of the course, participants should be able to:

    • Develop a clear narrative structure linked to a strategic approach to medium-term budgeting.
    • Identify core policy elements and themes, and build these into the narrative.
    • Assess target audiences and draft the document with these audiences in mind.  
    • Link budget decisions and proposals to policy.
    • Improve analysis of trends and developments.
    • Improve the use of tables and graphics.
    • Improve clarity and reduce density of the document.
    • Write more clearly, without jargon, and with adequate explanation of technical terminology for a non-specialist audience.
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