This web page presents information about the work of the IMF in the Republic of Moldova, including the activities of the IMF Resident Representative Office. Additional information can be found on the Moldova and IMF country page, including IMF reports and Executive Board documents that deal with the Republic of Moldova.

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Republic of Moldova and the IMF


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Regional Economic Outlook

November 8, 2023

Restoring Price Stability and Securing Strong and Green Growth

Europe is at a turning point. After last year’s crippling energy price shock caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Europe faces the difficult task of restoring price stability now while securing strong and green growth in the medium term. Economic activity has started to cool and inflation to fall as a result of monetary policy action, phasing-out supply shocks, and falling energy prices. Sustained wage growth could, however, delay achieving price stability by 2025. Failing to tackle inflation now will risk additional growth damage in a world exposed to structural shocks from fragmentation and climate change. These global headwinds add to Europe’s long-standing productivity and convergence problems. To lift Europe’s potential for strong and green growth, countries need to remove obstacles to economic dynamism and upgrade infrastructure. This will strengthen business-friendly conditions and investment. Cooperation at the European level and with international partners will position Europe as a leader in the climate transition and support economic stability across the continent.

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