Asia-Pacific Regional Seminar

World Economic Outlook: 
Global Prospects, Policy Transmission and Medium-term Growth

The IMF’s latest World Economic Outlook, published in April, highlights that economic activity was surprisingly resilient during the global disinflation of 2022-23. Growth in employment and incomes held steady despite monetary tightening in major economies to restore price stability. However, the medium-term outlook remains weak, raising concerns about prospects for middle- and lower-income countries to close the income gap with richer countries. The IMF Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific hosted a seminar with the lead authors of the report to discuss these issues. Rui Mano presented on global economic prospects and shared insights from thematic analysis on monetary policy transmission and housing and mortgages markets. Diaa Noureldin presented on the dimming global growth prospects and what it would take to revive medium-term growth.


Wednesday, May 8, 2024
** Time shown below is in Japan Standard Time (UTC/GMT +9)

10:00 AM Introduction by Ozgur Demirkol, Deputy Director, IMF Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific
10:05 AM Global Prospects and Policies (WEO Ch.1) by Rui Mano
10:25 AM Feeling the Pinch? Tracing the Effects of Monetary Policy through Housing Markets (WEO Ch.2) by Rui Mano
10:45 AM

Slowdown in Global Medium-Term Growth: What Will It Take to Turn the Tide? (WEO Ch.3) by Diaa Noureldin


11:05 AM Q&A session
11:25 AM Closing & post-event survey


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    Rui C. Mano is a deputy division chief in the IMF’s Research Department. He previously worked in the Research, Asia Pacific, Strategy, Policy and Review, and Western Hemisphere Departments. He contributed to the Fund's framework on external sector assessments, contributed to several country teams (China, DR Congo, Eastern Caribbean Currency Union, Grenada, Hong Kong SAR, Jamaica, Korea, Mongolia, the Philippines, and the United States), and participated in the formulation and review of fund-wide policies (notably the Integrated Policy Framework and Comprehensive Surveillance Review). He holds a PhD in economics from the University of Chicago. His research interests are exchange rate risk, foreign exchange intervention, monetary policy, and cross-border spillovers, among others.

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    Diaa Noureldin is an economist in the World Economic Studies Division of the IMF’s Research Department, where he contributes to the World Economic Outlook report. Before joining the IMF, he was an associate professor of economics at the American University in Cairo. He has published on a range of topics in macroeconomics and finance. He holds a DPhil in Economics from the University of Oxford.