Tax Avoidance in Sub-Saharan Africa's Mining Sector

November 5-15, 2021

Africa is home to much of the world’s mineral resources, which are mostly exploited by multinationals. Governments in Sub-Saharan Africa need to attract foreign direct investment, but they also need to capture a fair share of the value of those mineral resources to support revenue collection and fund development goals. 


But there is growing concern that aggressive tax planning by multinationals results in the erosion of the tax base and lower tax revenue. This event will focus on mining in sub-Saharan Africa, its contribution to fiscal revenues, and how tax arrangements by multinationals could be undermining countries’ much-needed revenue mobilization efforts.  A recently published IMF paper suggests profit shifting in African mining suggests the loss in tax revenue could be between $470 and $730 million per year. 


This event brings together some key actors who are dealing with the loss of tax revenue due to tax planning and also by a member of civil society intimately familiar with the issues this raises.  


The participants will discuss the findings of the paper, regional experiences with MNE tax planning, and also the strategies that countries can undertake to counter aggressive tax avoidance.


Join our conversation on Friday, November 5, at 8:00 AM ET (12:00 PM UTC). Livestream will be available in English and French.



  • Antoinette M. Sayeh, Deputy Managing Director, IMF



  • Ipumbu Shiimi, Minister of Finance of Namibia
  • Lassané Kaboré, Minister of Economy, Finance and Development of Burkina Faso,
  • Tom Butler, former CEO of the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM)
  • Léonce Ndikumana, Independent Commission for the Reform of International Taxation (ICRICT)


If you have any questions which you would like addressed by participants at this event, email: