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Jorge Roldos:







Title: Pension Reform, Investment Restrictions and Capital Markets

Author: Roldos, Jorge

Series: Policy Discussion Paper No. 04/4

Date: September 1, 2004

Subject: Capital market development Capital markets Investment Pensions


Title: Consolidation and Market Structure in Emerging Market Banking Systems

Author: Gelos, G R. ; Roldos, Jorge

Series: Working Paper No. 02/186

Date: November 1, 2002

Subject: Banking Competition Emerging markets


Title: Potential Output Growth in Emerging Market Countries : The Case of Chile

Author: Roldos, Jorge

Series: Working Paper No. 97/104

Date: September 1, 1997

Subject: Chile

Title: Are Business Cycles Different in Asia and Latin America?

Author: Hoffmaister, W. Alexander ; Roldos, Jorge

Series: Working Paper No. 97/9

Date: January 1, 1997

Notes: This paper was prepared for the first conference of the Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association (October 17-19, 1996, Mexico City, Mexico).

Subject: Business cycles

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