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Blog: Managing the Political Economy of Climate Change Policies

August 5, 2021
By Davide Furceri, Michael Ganslmeier, and Jonathan D. Ostry Few issues have sparked more attention than how to avoid environmental and human catastrophe from climate change. But even in the wake of massive public protests and an ambitious agenda since the 2015 Paris Agreement, governments are wary of the political costs of enacting climate mitigation [...]

Tuvalu: 2021 Article IV Consultation-Press Release; Staff Report; and Statement by the Executive Director for Tuvalu

August 4, 2021
Swift implementation of containment measures, limited spillovers from tourism, and COVID-related fiscal spending financed by buoyant fishing revenues and donor grants have allowed Tuvalu—a fragile Pacific micro-state—avoid a recession in 2020. The economy is expected to expand by 2.5 percent in 2021, supported by fiscal expenditures and resumption of infrastructure projects. But significant challenges remain: Tuvalu is vulnerable to the effects of climate change, its economy is dominated by the public sector, and its revenue base is narrow. Uncertainty around donor commitments complicates fiscal planning.

Bolivia: 2021 Article IV Consultation-Press Release; Staff Report; and Statement by the Executive Director for Bolivia

August 4, 2021
Following the October 2020 election, the new administration moved to tackle the devastating human and economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. The economy shows signs of recovery from its 8.8 percent contraction in 2020. However, fiscal imbalances have increased and international reserves continue to fall. On February 12, Bolivia repurchased the 240.1 million SDR purchase under the Fund’s Rapid Financing Instrument (that was approved by the Fund’s Executive Board in April 2020).

Blog: Chart of the WeekHow To Escape The Perils of Fragility

August 3, 2021
By Olusegun Akanbi, Kenji Moriyama, Keyra Primus Already facing huge development needs, the COVID-19 pandemic is exacerbating the challenges facing fragile and conflict states—a group of currently about 40 countries trapped in cycles of low administrative capacity, political instability, conflict, and weak economic performance. Our new IMF staff working paper, which analyzes the experiences of 196 [...]

How the Kyrgyz Republic Tackled the Pandemic

August 3, 2021
The Kyrgyz Republic was the first country to receive IMF emergency funding to tackle the COVID-19 crisis. IMF Country Focus spoke with the mission chief, Nikoloz Gigineishvili, about the pandemic’s impact on the economy and how the IMF supported the recovery.

Blog: How the Pandemic Widened Global Current Account Balances

August 2, 2021
By Martin Kaufman and Daniel Leigh 2020 was a year of extremes. Travel all but ceased for a period. Oil prices wildly fluctuated. Trade in medical products reached new heights. Household spending shifted to consumer goods rather than services and savings ballooned as people stayed home amid a global shutdown. If not for the crisis, [...]

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