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Fiscal Policy

Virtual: Gender Budgeting (GB)

Deadline passed

Session No.: AT 21.08V

Location: Ebene, Mauritius

Date: January 11-19, 2021 (1 week)

Primary Language: English

Interpretation Language: French Portuguese

    Target Audience

    Mid to senior level government officials from various agencies involved in gender budgeting such as gender policy coordination units, ministries of finance, ministries of women and implementing ministries.
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    Degree in economics
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    It will be helpful for participants to have some familiarity with the concepts or practice of gender budgeting, although it is not required. Basic knowledge of economics and/or PFM is an advantage.
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    Course Description

    This course introduces IMF's Public Financial Management (PFM) approach to gender budgeting, helping foster peer learning.
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    Course Objectives

    Building on the ATI Gender and Economics course, it aims to assist countries to i) develop a better understanding of gender budgeting practices and their integration with the PFM cycle; (ii) present innovations in gender budgeting and the challenges they face, particularly in the context of the response to COVID-19, (iii) provide an initial overview of how expenditure and revenue policy and administration can lead to more gender equal outcomes (iv) initiate a dialogue among the participating countries on the design and implementation of gender budgeting initiatives and practices, with the objective of learning lessons and improving the impact of these initiatives; (v) create the foundation for more targeted technical assistance at the country-level, including by informing participants about further capacity development possibilities.
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