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Virtual: Workshop on Corporate and Household Insolvency (CHI)

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Session No.: CT 21.01V

Location: Beijing, China

Date: January 18-29, 2021 (2 weeks)

Delivery Method: Virtual Training

Primary Language: English

Interpretation Language: Chinese

    Target Audience

    Public officials from the Central Bank, Bank Supervisor and Ministries of Finance, Justice, the Judiciary, Agencies Managing State-Owned Enterprises, and other public officials involved in restructuring of distressed enterprises or dealing with household debt.
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    Three to five years of relevant work experience, good knowledge of related legal frameworks. Advanced law degree preferred but not required.
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    Course Description

    This virtual training, presented by the IMF's Legal Department, is structured in six sessions of 90 minutes and will explore a selected number of topics that are relevant for the insolvency regime in China. The training will cover key legal aspects of the insolvency framework, including questions that are central to the application of the Enterprise Bankruptcy Law (EBL) of China, such as core issues in the liquidation and reorganization of enterprises, the supporting institutional system (including courts, judges, and insolvency administrators),; and will also introduce topics that are essential in the legislative reform agenda, such as cross-border insolvency, enterprise group insolvency, and household insolvency. The training also includes a session on the challenges experienced by insolvency systems worldwide because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Drawing from the IMF's experience in working with many of its 189 member countries, the training will approach all topics from a comparative perspective, building on international best practices and cross-country experience.
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    Course Objectives

    Course Objectives:Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to: Explain the relevance of a robust legal framework to address corporate and household insolvency. Identify key components of an effective corporate and household insolvency regime based on international best practices and cross-country experience. Identify key policies, institutional arrangements, and tools that contribute to the effectiveness of insolvency regimes.
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