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Financial Sector Policies

Virtual : Current Issues in Banking Supervision and Regulation (BRS)


Session No.: CT 22.21V

Location: Beijing, China

Date: October 10-14, 2022 (1 week)

Delivery Method: Virtual Training

Primary Language: English

Interpretation Language: Chinese

    Target Audience

    Mid-level to senior bank supervisors as well as regulators working in the supervision and regulation departments of central banks and agencies charged with supervising banks.

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    Participants are expected to have experience in banking regulation and supervision.

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    Course Description

    This course, presented by the Monetary and Capital Markets Department, will be delivered through a 50-50 mix of teaching and preparation of case studies. The course will: explain the roles of the key parts of the governance of a bank and explain the inherent stresses and strains within all governance structures. It will focus on incentives, risk, internal control, and accountability and review the key challenges facing governance today. The course will look at key supervisory approaches and provide a guide to the questions supervisors should be asking in that particular area of governance.

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    Course Objectives

    Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:

    • Understand the concepts of corporate governance, including current international standards and corporate governance supervisory frameworks
    • Understand the techniques of supervision of corporate governance, including current best practices
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