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Macroeconomic Statistics

Virtual Training Workshop - Public Sector Debt Statistics


Session No.: SA 20.20

Location: New Delhi, India

Date: June 15-19, 2020 (1 week)

Primary Language: English

    Target Audience

    Government officials (source data providers, compilers, and intensive users) from the Ministry of Finance, Central Banks and other agencies who would benefit from gaining new, or refreshing existing, knowledge of the concepts, principles, sources, and methods used to compile and disseminate PSDS.

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    Participants are expected to have a degree in economics or a related field and/or have relevant work experience, engage in regular compilation or use of PSDS, and have proficiency in Microsoft EXCEL and WORD. It is expected that participants already have fundamental knowledge concerning PSDS compilation and dissemination. 

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    Course Description

    This live virtual training delivered remotely offers an opportunity to learn and review the concepts, principles, sources, methods, accounting rules, and general framework used to compile PSDS. The fundamental features of PSDS will be covered: sectorization; definitions and accounting principles; compilation and dissemination of PSDS; and selected issues in PSDS. The workshop is conducted using international standards presented in the Public Sector Debt Statistics: Guide for Compilers and Users 2011 (PSDS Guide). Workshop participants will complete exercises, will be asked to compile PSDS, and will discuss the status of PSDS development in their respective countries. To the extent possible, the workshop will feature applied components that are based on the member country experience.

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    Course Objectives

    Upon completion of this workshop, participants should be able to:

    - Discuss general and specific aspects of the PSDS framework that are embodied in the PSDS Guide.
    - Describe the institutional structure of government in the context of the broader public sector.
    - Classify balance sheet financial asset and liability instruments.
    - Identify debt liability instruments.
    - Describe debt by important maturities.
    - Understand the "accrual of interest" concept.
    - Describe various types of valuations that may be used to estimate debt liabilities.
    - Given required parameters, estimate the value of debt for balance sheet components.
    - Prepare and understand statements that are used for reporting PSDS.
    - Know the processes that are used to disseminate PSDS.

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