JISPA Family Celebrates 30 Years of Capacity Development in Asia

The Japan-IMF Scholarship Program for Asia (JISPA), a program for young policymakers from Asia-Pacific economies to pursue graduate degrees in Japan, turns 30 years old in 2023. Starting with a non-degree graduate diploma course in 1993, it now offers full-fledged scholarships for master’s and Ph.D. students majoring in macroeconomics in Japan. With more than 950 scholarship recipients from 24 countries, many of whom now hold senior public positions, it has built a strong network of economic policymakers in the region and built a foundation for regional collaboration to safeguard financial stability. JISPA could not have met this milestone without unwavering support from economic agencies in the region, partner universities in Japan and our donor, the Government of Japan. Let’s celebrate its 30th anniversary together. “Happy anniversary, JISPA family!"

Building Bright Future

A 3-min tribute video showcases how this scholarship program has contributed to the development of economic policymaking capacity in the region with messages from sponsors, partners, organizers, and scholarship recipients. Each voice sheds light on different aspects of this unique program for Asia-Pacific policymakers.

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For the full list of JISPA recipients by country, please click here.   

Partner Universities

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Japan-IMF Scholarship Program for Asia 2024-25

This scholarship is designed for young policymakers from Asia-Pacific economies to pursue graduate studies in microeconomics in Japan. About 35 individuals receive this scholarship every academic year to enter either a partner university program or their own selected university courses. Applications are now open for 2024-25.

JISPA Photo Slideshow


    Scholars pose for a family photo with IMF Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva after an inspiring
    townhall meeting in Tokyo in July 2022.


    Having lunch together prompts the 2023-24 intake scholars to foster friendship during the orientation program in August 2023 at the International University of Japan.


    A group of scholars discusses their presentation material with other graduate students at the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS) in July 2023. (Photo courtesy of GRIPS)


    At the welcome reception of new scholars in October 2019, a group of "senpai" scholars cheer on the newcomers for their successful studies.


    Scholars actively discuss policy challenges to prepare for a group presentation at the Summer
    Workshop in September 2023 to learn about the IMF's surveillance tools and
    its analytical framework.


    Graduating scholars cherish their first in-person interaction with their fellow scholars studying at other
    universities during the COVID-19 pandemic at a special weekend workshop at the International
    University of Japan in June 2022.


    Graduating scholars tour the Bank of Japan (BOJ) after a policy dialogue with bank officials
    in June 2023, before joining the JISPA thesis presentation event.


    One of the graduating scholars presents on his thesis to share his achievements with fellow scholars
    and professors at the JISPA thesis presentation event in June 2023, (following policy dialogues and tours
    at the Bank of Japan and Japan’s Ministry of Finance).


    Vanpheng Thanameuan from Laos, one of 36 JISPA scholars graduating in 2023, receives her diploma
    from President Hiroko Ota at the GRIPS graduation ceremony in September 2023.
    (Photo courtesy of GRIPS)


    Mid-career policymakers from Asia share their views and experience on policymaking during the
    two-week JISPA Continuing Education Program (JISPA-CE), a refresher course for alumni, in Tokyo
    in 2023.


    JISPA family gathers to celebrate the milestone of the JISPA 30th anniversary together with DMD Sayeh, successful alumni, professors, guest panelists, and IMF staff.

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