Call for Papers: 10th IMF Statistical Forum: Measuring the Tangible Benefits of Intangible Capital

November 16-17, 2022

The 10th Statistical Forum of the International Monetary Fund will take place virtually and in person in Washington, D.C. during November 16 to 17, 2022. The Forum is a platform for policymakers, researchers, the private sector, regulators, and compilers of economic and financial data to come together to discuss cutting edge issues in macroeconomic and financial statistics and to build support for statistical improvements.

The theme of this year’s Statistical Forum is Measuring the Tangible Benefits of Intangible Capital. In our increasingly dematerialized world intangible assets are transforming economies and driving growth. As a result, an increasing share of output, jobs, income and wealth is associated with firms where traditional tangible assets have been crowded out by intangible assets, such as marketing assets, data, and organizational capital. Yet conventional business accounting and macroeconomic accounting methods have lagged behind in valuing these forms of capital. Furthermore, the mobility of intangible assets and firms’ strategies to take advantage of worldwide tax minimization while maximizing overall profits implies growing tension between the nature and location of economic activity and its measurement system. The aim of the 10th IMF Statistical Forum is to explore how we can better measure intangible capital to better support investment policy, taxation policy and macroeconomic analysis. 

The Statistical Forum Program Committee seeks proposals for empirical or conceptual papers on intangible capital, in particular on forms of intangible capital that are increasingly important in today’s economy, how should we measure this intangible capital, who is creating this intangible capital and who is benefiting from it, and how do international tax rules impact how the benefit of intangible capital are distributed. What statistics are needed to answer these questions? Topics of primary interest are listed below:

  • What are the new forms of intangible capital that we need to consider when measuring economic activity?
  • How can we measure these forms of intangible capital, including the valuation of intangible assets, their depreciation, and their sale?
  • Who are the capitalists of this new intangible capital? Which policy factors, such as access to education and technology, impact where this new capital is being created?
  • Once conceived, a good idea can be located anywhere. What role does international tax policy play in the decisions of firms on where to locate intangible capital? How can we observe and measure cross-border movements in these assets, including within multinational enterprises?
  • What new data or indicators are needed to understand the impact of intangible capital on economic inclusion?

The Statistical Forum Program Committee is no longer accepting submissions for the 10th Statistical Forum. If you have already submitted a proposal, authors of selected proposals will be contacted by August 25, 2022. The deadline for submitting a first draft of the paper is September 23, and the final version and presentation are requested no later than October 21. In evaluating the proposals, the Program Committee will consider relevance to the theme and areas of interest of the Forum, originality, feasibility, and the importance of the contribution. Travel and hotel expenses of the presenting author will be covered by the conference organizers.