Life at the IMF

Our diverse workforce, with staff from more than 140 countries, ensures an open and welcoming environment for you, no matter what your background. We will support your continued well-being, integration, and engagement.

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The IMF provides a modern work environment that seeks to holistically support your well-being both during work hours and the rest of the day. Our facilities include an on-site gym, extensive library, cafeterias with healthy menus, and all-day childcare. Experts are on hand to provide support, tailored specifically to help your partner build their career and settle into the DC area, to help advise you on schooling decisions for your children, to aid with your career choices, and to provide expert legal or financial support. We also host social/networking events throughout the year, and several staff-run social groups and clubs.

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Working Life▸

We offer a variety of flexible employment arrangements, career breaks, and training and development opportunities, which will help you maximize your contributions, advance your career, and maintain a healthy home life.

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Compensation and Benefits▸

In addition to the reward of contributing to our mission of global prosperity and economic security, we provide you with a comprehensive, world-class benefits package.

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The IMF works with the U.S. State Department to coordinate a G-4 visa for eligible staff whose primary nationality is within one of our member countries. We will also support you in securing a G-4 visa for your eligible spouse and dependents along with associated work authorization.

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Living in D.C.▸

Washington, D.C. is one of the world’s most exciting and livable cities. With new and innovative high-rises, tree-lined streets and small homes within biking distance of the downtown area, and a world-class transport system, Washington, D.C. offers a fantastic lifestyle, ideal for both young professionals and families.