The IMF's Fiscal Risk Toolkit comprises a suite of analytical tools to guide government policy and capacity development. The tools aim to provide a practical basis for countries, at different levels of capacity, to identify, analyze, manage, and disclose different sources of fiscal risks. The tools are regularly updated as revisions are made. Please check back to ensure you have the latest versions.

The Toolkit helps countries to identify their largest and most important sources of fiscal risks, prioritize areas to focus their efforts, and quantify potential fiscal impacts of risks. It includes tools to help assess risks stemming from macroeconomic shocks, pandemics, state-owned enterprises, public loans and guarantees and public private partnerships. Click on the segments of the wheel to learn more about each tool.


The Fiscal Risk Toolkit helps contribute to:

  • icon Better understanding of risk exposures
  • icon Improved management of fiscal risks
  • icon More transparent reporting of risks
  • icon More resilient public finances

Several of the tools are available on a pilot basis and will continue to be refined and enhanced. Further tools will continue to be released as they are finalized.

These tools can be accompanied by IMF capacity development to help countries build capacity to utilize and apply them in their everyday work.

For technical support in applying the tools or to convey any feedback please email: